At home in many different sectors

Through many years of work and numerous collaborations we know our way around in different sectors, e.g. plant engineering, custom machine construction, automotive, wood machining, food & beverage, packaging, industrial cleaning processes, etc.
Most of our projects feature hardware components of multiple different vendors. In addition to CoDeSys, the big three, Siemens, Mitsubishi and Rockwell form the bases of our work.

A new evolution in automation is the platform ctrlX AUTOMATION by Bosch Rexroth. We consider the openness of the system based on CoDeSys as a great advantage for better, seamless integration into diverse product landscapes. We are looking forward to shaping this new approach together in the recently established partnership.

As an official Mitsubishi system partner we know the Mitsubishi product range particularity well. We appreciate our longstanding and trusted partnership, which entailed many close collaborations in Germany and abroad.
By joining the CLPA-network we strengthen our expertise in the CC-link field bus technology with a focus on creating customer specific software solutions.

For creating simulation models and vendor independent Digital Twins we use the software suite fe.screen-sim in close collaboration with F.EE. This software suite is our first choice for the job, because it facilitates implementing custom developments, e.g. specific hardware driver implementations, through it's open and flexible structure.