We know that industrial automation demands a range of project-specific, customized approaches. Our experience allows us to offer you a broad variety of solutions from a single provider:

We program classical control projects with PLC and HMI, execute efficient retrofits, develop complete SCADA-Solutions, represent your data in the Cloud, equip your hardware with a field bus protocol or support you in modernizing your software architecture.

Digital Twin for You

Does this ring a bell: „The PLC software has to wait, because the machine is not ready yet.“
Those days are over! Let's create a digital twin with fe.screen-sim or ISG-Virtuos. Now commissioning is already possible during the development stage. This not only minimizes risks but enables agile engineering, improves quality and reduces stress and time pressure. Although classically reserved for large projects these advantages are also available for small projects at ATINA. This is achieved with simplified simulation models.

Would you like to see a digital Twin in action?

Automated Code Translation

Your Know-How is at work within countless reliable function blocks, e.g. in Siemens® TIA-Portal™-Projects. Now you would like to sell your machine in another country and need automation components from other manufacturers.
Thanks to our automated code translation you do not have to start from scratch! Proven Siemens function blocks become available for use in development suites of other platforms, e.g. Mitsubishi® or Rockwell® with minimal development effort.
Find out for yourself, send us your function block and we will evaluate the quality of automated translation!

PLC, HMI, Motion, Robots, field bus, …

We will of course also program your classical automation application. A flexible PLC program and an intuitive HMI as well as integrating any external periphery is part of any project at ATINA.

Retrofitting with short downtimes

With the support of our simulation models we are able to put your modernized machine to the test, before starting the mechanical modifications. With this methodology we distinguish ourselves from our competitors. A vastly shorter commissioning phase on site guarantees an earlier resumption of production.

SCADA Systems

Do you need a high level SCADA solution or a platform independent panel?
We would love to work out and realize a suitable concept together, e.g. with Adroit MAPS.

Internet of Things

Together with you we develop and realize ideas, to make your application ready for the Internet of Things. Predictive maintenance, complete part tracking or decentralized data collection may be part of your solution.

Driver Development

Would you like to equip your custom hardware with a common industrial protocol? We implement the protocol layer for you. By relying on proven high-level languages and tools like C++, C# and Python we are able to communicate with (almost) any device.

DevOps in the PLC world?

A modular software concept enables us to test individual function blocks even in the PLC world. To achieve this, you do not need expensive software licenses from third parties. Let us demonstrate what is really important for agile software development. You can count on our support and consulting in implementing modern approaches to your planning phase, supporting your customer and all the stages in between.